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Recycled / Re-manufactured Antifreeze

Did You Know?

  • Millions of gallons of used antifreeze are generated each year during routine preventative and other maintenance procedures. A significant percentage of this waste is generated by vehicle fleet operations, automotive repair facilities, and heavy duty truck shops.
  • Used antifreeze that was routinely dumped down the drain is now being recycled by S48R using our own patented vacuum distillation technology.
  • Used antifreeze is typically composed of water, ethylene glycol (or occasionally propylene glycol), broken-down corrosion inhibitors, corrosion byproducts and possibly heavy metals.
  • Through S48R vacuum distillation process, we can produce a crystal clear liquid containing distilled glycol and distilled water. We then combine this liquid with the appropriate high quality additive to create new 50/50 pre-mixed sustainable antifreeze.
  • From this process, S48R can efficiently capture 97% of usable product, getting glycol and water mixture that when mixed with our own additives creates a product meeting D-3306 and D-6210.
  • The product left behind is then tested and properly disposed of at local waste management facilities according to local and state regulations.

S48R offers recycled / re-manufactured antifreeze coolant for all types of fleets and auto shops.

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