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Safety Solvent

Safety Solvent 55 Gallon Drum
Safety Solvent

  • 140 -166 Safety Solvent is the only solvent used in IRSI solvent based parts washers, due to its high flash point.
  • IRSI 140 -166 Safety Solvent is also easy on the hands and nose.
  • IRSI 140 -166 Safety Solvent may be used in many applications. Applications vary widely and include but are not limited to pesticide formulations, consumer products, lubricating oils, chemical process solvents, degreasers, lamp oil, metal rolling oils, freeze point depressants, etc.
  • Other solvents available upon request.

IRSI offers Bulk Safety Solvent for all types of automotive shops in 55 Gallon Drums.

Safety Data Sheet

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