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Used Solvent Removal and Disposal

Used Solvent Removal

  • S48R will be glad to remove your spent safety solvent (140-166) waste stream.
  • S48R has found that in most cases S48R can service your parts washer for less than the solvent cost, thus freeing up your time to do more productive things.
  • Solvents with flash points of less than 139F may not be used in Maricopa County in Arizona.
  • Please check out S48R Parts Washer page.

Outstanding Customer Service!

  • Regularly scheduled service visits.
  • Trained Service Representatives to keep you in compliance with the proper paperwork.
  • A focus on small and mid-sized generators your business is important to us!

By using S48R you can realize the benefits and convenience of relying on one company to take care of all your used oil, used oil filters, oily water, parts washers, and used antifreeze needs some call us a “One Stop Shop”!

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